Kythra the suntamer Kythra the suntamer 1 second ago Oh my sweet matron mother lilith the schadefreude from this motherfucking snowflake trumpet "What do you stand for?" I can think of at least a few things. the disposessed. of which no you Trumpet are not a member of. You are the city square you iidots! the dominant majority! I LOVE knowing though how he feels which if I had to guess is kind of like this: Doesn't even recognize the country he was born in anymore. Well good. Because I never have. This place was always a right wing HELLSCAPE to me. Hopefully it's on the road to recovery. Take ONE LAST LOOK AT YOUR SHINING HEAVEN REPUBLICANS FOR SOON NOTHING OF IT WILL REMAIN BUT MY LAUGHTER. Diablo 3 ★Prime Evil Act 4 Cinematic★ [Original]Official Diablo III [D3 Cutscene] Trailer HD